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(Not a surf-rock band)


Ben Lyons-Reid - Vocals/Bass

Will Physentzou - Lead Guitar

Declan Oetjen - Rhythm Guitar

Heath Oetjen - Drums

Amber Timms - Keyboard/Synth

Hot off the heels off of Music SA's SCOUTED Festival, Australian indie-rock band, Broken Waves, release their new single ‘The Divide'. Inspired by groove-oriented rhythms and indie-funk guitar riffs, ‘The Divide’ is the carefully crafted result of the band going with their gut, not overthinking sections, and working to nail down the core of what they needed to say.Life's a beach so just enjoy the waves!


Over the past year, the band have been using their lyrics to explore and express their personal experiences with mental illness. To take this a step further, Broken Waves have decided to partner with mental health organisation, the Black Dog Institute. The result of this is a limited run of ‘Come Alive’ merchandise with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the charity. There will also be a link shared on their social media if you want to donate but not commit to the purchase of a sweater.


With Ben Lyons-Reid (Vocals & Bass), Will Physentzou (Lead Guitar), Declan Oetjen (Rhythm Guitar), Heath Oetjen (Drums) and Amber Timms (Keys), the group have eagerly been building their foundation in the Adelaide music scene and are ready to make a splash with their new single, Come Alive. Tune in as this is only what the band claims to be the beginning of a season of new material.


‘They make that prodigious music that has you in absolute raptures’ - A&R Factory

‘Young Adelaide act set to make waves’ - The Sunday Mail

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